Technology solution

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise resource planning is the most massively adopted tool for project solutions in various industries.

It includes a business management application (such as web application) which is used by the organisations to collect, store, manage, as well as interpret data from various business procedures or activities. For instance, accounting and finance, inventory management, marketing and sales management, manufacturing and production planning, etc..

Central database management system is most common to maintain and track business resources, facilitating the flow of information and the decision-making process among all business functions and relevant stakeholders.


The worldwide epidemic has created a heavy burden on many small and medium-sized enterprises and greatly reduces the sales figures of these enterprises. In order to recover the loss as much as we can, we strongly recommend the Technology Voucher Programme (TVP). Affected businesses and companies can explore, build and therefore develop their own ecommerce platforms, turning the previous brick-and-mortar stores into online stores, so as to regain different business opportunities.

Big data and cloud analysis technology

Big data and cloud analysis technologies have brought new business opportunities to import and export trading, wholesale and retail industries. Not only beneficial to marketing, big data can also facilitate operational procedures, such as procurement, pricing, and product display, so as to guide different companies to make better decisions in a more efficient way.

This solution can provide enterprises a scalable yet portable computing environment to generate practical analysis and reports about particular collective behaviour, thus providing more concrete, detailed and informative data for users to make wiser decisions.

Augmented reality (AR)

AR technology is able to visualise digital information and superimpose it in reality, in order to display and demonstrate various visual effects. Virtual components on the phones or screens are integrated with real-world scenes, augmening instruction operations and exploring dynamic interactions.

AR experience can be applicable to a large variety of industries and fields, including retail sales, advertising, arts, events, community and navigation, etc. There are many successful cases in the market, and the applications are very diverse. The retail industry also needs the introduction and assistance of AR augmented reality to create a good shopping experience for customers.

Document management and mobile access system

A document management and mobile access system synchronises digital documents
across multiple sites for sharing among company employees. Local data is backed
up and stored in the storage system, enabling disaster recovery, archiving and rapid
access as needed. Additionally, data access can be optimised for each remote site
with a central point of management. The system enables scanning, storage,
retrieval, sharing, tracking, revision and distribution of documents. It reduces the
need for manual handling of documents. For cloud-based solutions, data should be
encrypted end-to-end

Appointment Arrangement and Queue Management System

Customers can make and change appointments through the Appointment Scheduling and Queue Management System. The system sends customised notifications to staff and customers for appointment confirmations, appointment reminders and pending appointments.。


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